Why is Rumi Foundation the need of the day?

It sees people of the world as one family and no man-made boundaries can divide this. It seeks commonalities in different cultures.

‘I am neither of the East or the West, no boundaries exist in my breast’

The Sufi mind has an all embracing vision. It does not stand on judgement of whose path to the Creator is right, and whose way is wrong. Any thing driven by love is the Sufi Way. The way to the eternal omnipresent HU, given different names by different races in different parts of the world. It is about the world as a realm of the heart and not of the closed and stubborn mind which is looking for meaning and definitions and thus differences amongst His creations.

The Sufi way is the natural organic way to co-exist. It is a state of unconditional surrender to the ocean of Love, the greatest attribute of the Almighty.

Now this simple philosophy manifests itself in a million ways of poetic expressions, musical arrangements, craft and a way of living with nature.

Rumi Foundation appeals to the open mind. It provides opportunities to those who want to make a difference.

Rumi Foundation was conceived with a mission to create a one-world vision based on the mutual respect of communities, religions and regions, and to spread the word of love. It aims to do this through the medium of Creative Art Forms.

The foundation organises and supports activities that create awareness in people regarding the present crises the world is facing due to the widening rifts of misunderstanding between nations, and seeks to awaken hearts to come together for a solution.

Rumi foundation started the Wajid Ali Shah Festival in December 2013 as a first showcase for Lucknow’s beautiful culture and potential for travellers from around the world. The festival, upon being well-received, has now entered its third year with gained popularity and fanfare.

The foundation also organises the Annual International Sufi Music Festival, Jahan-e-Khusrau that is one of the most awaited festivals of the country. It also publishes a bi-annual journal HU-the Sufi Way, a poet-oriented journal dedicated to Sufi mystics and their message of love and surrender, that recaptures the lives and teachings of these great mystics to re-articulate them in the contemporary context.

Sufi means ‘oneness and love’. It is about seeing the beauty in every culture and community and imbibing their essence to foster tolerance and global unity.

The ideologies of the Foundation are based on this spirit of Sufism that exists in every heart and every soul, regardless of the boundaries.

Our Latest Events

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6th Annual Wajid Ali Shah Festival

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