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6th Annual Wajid Ali Shah Festival




4.30 P.M.
‘Ganganama – Circle of Life’
A ballet Curated by Muzaffar Ali
Choreographed by Sanjukta Sinha, Performed by Kadamb Group

5.30 P.M.

The important fact is that Wajid Ali Shah is relevant today because he left behind a legacy of
love. A legacy which we still cherish. A legacy we live and breathe.
He left behind a city as a beloved, as abstract and as ethereal as a piece of paradise for us to
dream about. A garden of his dreams he lovingly crafted and called Qaiserbagh, remembered
till this day as a garden of the soul! In its fold it held close to its heart – music, poetry and
dance. A garden where the shadow of Krishna lurked in each jharokha and the payal of each
Gopi glistened and echoed from the dew on the blades of its grass.
The culture of Uttar Pradesh evolves from its rivers. A respect and reverence of these
cultures is our humble tribute to these sacred rivers and it is this sense of reverence which
helps us to keep our rivers pure and cities on their banks clean. I am proud to have been part
of the Wajid Ali Festival since it inception by extending our corporate support to this
wonderful festival which is not only beautiful but highly relevant, socially.
The first edition was a Ballet on the river Gomti. The last one on Yamuna, a river of love and
this year on the river Ganga, the circle of life.
I whole heartedly support the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in his endeavour to promote
tourism to the river cities of Uttar Pradesh and thus help prevent their irreversible
ecologically damage.
~ U.S. Bhartia

Uttar Pradesh is the essence of India’s heritage of Love and Compassion. Varying within itself with the
local Awadhi and Hindustani shifts in accent every 20 miles, this vast conglomerate of cultures seamlessly
blends into a variety of cultures and landscapes as it touches its border states of Delhi, Rajashthan, Madhya
Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Haryana.

Uttar Pradesh has enriched and reflected them all in their refined integrated forms. It is the Sangam
of Civilisations which is also called the Ganga Jamuni Sanskritiki. From the time of Mahabharata, from the age
of Raja Ram Chandra ji till the present times, each dynasty has adorned its surface with mythology and mysticism,
history and legend, beauty and splendour. And with each generation, a sense of reverence for the past has
grown with a sense of responsibility and pride. It is on this very soil that we have celebrated our cultures and
fought for our independence.

Rumi Foundation is dedicated to adorn it’s face with compassion of a much needed sentiment of humanism
and oneness that empowers this sense of inclusivity we uphold as our culture. Rumi Foundation for the last two
decades has been collaborating with the Governments of Delhi,Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar along with
the central Government to celebrate this philosophy with the hope that one day our efforts will add value to the
attraction of Uttar Pradesh and invite serious stakeholders to make it an important cluster of destinations
which are now connected by superior highways, train and flights.

The span of tourism is religious, cultural, spiritual, Sufi, craft and nature.
Rumi Foundation has contributed significantly in the promotion of such an intricate and exciting web of
cultures in collaboration with Kotwara Studios and other corporates who are stakeholders in this development.
Wajid Ali Shah Festival has come into its form by raising our concerns for our cities and rivers in the Indo-
Gangetic plain. Kotwara Studios actively continues to participate in the mission of upgrading craft through its
flagship mission, ‘Weaving Dreams Crafting Lives’, in which Chikankari has the largest footprint in Awadh by
making films on Chikankari, Zardozi, Muqqaish, Pacchikari of Agra, Brassware of Muradabad, Durries of
Mirzapur, Woodwork of Saharanpur and Saris of Banaras.

The Heritage Arc of Uttar Pradesh needs to be enriched with craft and culture to make it an irresistible
international circuit for visitors from across the world and different parts of India.
Those who have not seen Uttar Pradesh, have not seen India. And we recommend you start from
here to see India with the eyes of Tehzeeb (grace) and Ishq (love), as it needs to be seen with.

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