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Sufi Retreats and Tourism

Sufi Healing

Sufi way is the convergence of all that is good and beautiful in an any culture or region, and adding its own dimension of formless aesthetics. As the Prophet said that go even to China to seek and acquire knowledge. What greater knowledge than the knowledge of your metabolism and your environment.

Sufi Healing in Kotwara, is a dialogue with your self. It slows you down, distance your self from speed and hurry and you start engaging with your sensations, hitherto overlooked by the restlessness of a hectic routine of living.
These 7 days will take you through this journey which will change your metabolism, and help you take the first step, from the station of the ego to the station of the heart. Maqaam-e-Sirr to Maqaam-e-Qalb. This has always been the most difficult shift for the human being.

The Heart in Command/ Doing it with your Heart
Though the mind is centre of well being, the Sufi Way puts the heart in command. Sufi wellness is therefore all about empowering the heart which then takes charge of the mind. This simple phenomenon is best felt through a state of bliss and ecstasy, so very special to the Sufi Way.
Heart is the source of perception of beauty, which is a Divine attribute of the Creator. To focus on this truth is the beginning and the end of the Sufi Way.
Mind immediately puts the self first, whereas the heart puts the milieu first. In Sufi terms milieu is everything that He has created around you to experience and relish. In which human beings take the prime place, regardless of any man-made differences.
Love, understanding, tolerance, ecstasy and a compassion become reigning concerns for living.

The Fragrance of the Rose
Kotwara receives you with a sprinkling of rose water in silver ‘gulab paash’.
The fragrance of the rose will remain with the visitor all these days as they live surrounded by a rose garden.
A film on the Kotwara dream is shown while your feet are immersed in a brass basin of rose water for 15 minutes. After which soaking you feet in Epsom salt becomes your daily ritual before you step into bed. Sensitivity of York feel affects every part of of your system.

Barefoot on Kotwara Durries
You are prepared to experience a special connection with the space by walking barefoot in most places which are clad with Kotwara Durries. This feeling is extremely therapeutic and makes you connect better with yourself and people around you.

Formless Imagery
You are ushered into spaces, symbols, imageless objects. ideas of beauty. calligraphy of concepts, collages of imagination that lead you to your own exploration of timeless and formless beauty. For 7 days you are living the poetry of beauty which will awaken your power to heal you from within.
Harnessing your imagination through formlessness is the ultimate in the liberation of human aesthetic.
Sounds become part of this experience and classical explorations have created abstract associations with time, space and seasons.

Milieu of Nature
When we look at the milieu of nature we are awe struck. We see how insignificant we are, and from this realisation of being insignificant unfold a host of responsibilities towards our newly discovered ambience and our own self in it.

Simply awareness meditation deepens experience of nature. Enhances sensual experience. Promotes deep relaxation and an positive experience of life.

Kotwara brings you into the lap of unlimited nature.

The Autumn Leaf. Choose a park when the leaves are turning yellow, pick a fallen leaf. Don’t compare the leaf with one that you didn’t pick up. Take in the leaf visually . See the blemishes as something equally beautiful.
Bring this experience to the rest of your life.

You will be more relaxed and filled with beauty around you.


A 7 day experience of being with Meera & Muzaffar Ali, and their way of being one with nature and people in a modern day KHANAQAH.

And see how your presence can make a difference to yourself and the lives of people around you. How you feel empowered to feel the change in yourself.

The 7 Day Journey

These 7 days, spread over 7 sunsets and sunrises, under the stars, through clouds of thoughts are carefully designed to introduce you to a deeper perception of yourself and world in which you exist and the higher purpose of your being.

It is a structured journey involving a cycle starting from the BODY to the MIND; MIND to the HEART; then from the HEART back to the BODY.

Ultimately the heart is empowered to take care of your bodily functions and systems through structured mental processes and controls. In effect you are putting the thief to guard the treasure.
After a day of adjusting to a new environment your are given two days for each step. And each step is logically experienced with a larger picture of the process, so that the evolution is related to a gentle real life realisation of arriving at this change you are organically undergoing.

BODY MIND – 2 days

Firstly you go through a cleansing and detoxing process with understanding your body type and the intake it needs with a long term plan for a diet strategy which will make a difference to your existence. This is done by handpicked doctors qualified in nature cure.

Therapies are prescribed and undertaken including a variety of massages and baths, using locally grown and blended herbal concoctions in the form of oils, pastes and powders. Mud of this Tarai region has particularly therapeutic qualities.

Meditate on mindfulness of physical sensations…
Do you feel only neck up?
How does your body feel?
Feet, hands, hunch, postures, to various parts of your body.

MIND HEART – 2 days

An introduction with Muzaffar Ali who will talk on following your heart, balancing humanity and aesthetics and cleansing the mirror of your heart through application of creative and appreciative aesthetics.

Importance of art and craft, human effort to our soul.

Visit to our craft centre and craft library cum archive. Customising human efforts to your needs.
Seeing the larger application of this activity in designing the life of an artisan and his future generation. This connects you with the human ambience of Kotwara and creates a bonding with those who will look after your every need.

HEART BODY – 2 days
Understanding the concept of a larger habitat and a sustainable ecosystem and ones own responsibility in making a difference. Your mind begins to see the bigger picture of the realm of the heart and the finer things that refine you as a sensitive human being, who cares to feel, and dares to act. Your body begins to respond to sensual and sensitive stimuli of life, as prepare to return to your set life.

The role of poetry and music in the larger emancipation of a human being and compassion for the human predicament through the mind and works of Muzaffar Ali.

Understanding exemplary beings through their poetry that sensitises human perception. Experiencing the subliminal realities of life normally drowned in the hum drum of a commercial milieu by watching films by Muzaffar Ali, which have brought him to this realisation of sharing with his fellow beings the beauty of seeing and feeling the world of those who rule the heart. The world of RUMI and KHUSRAU. The world of the SUFIS and their compassion for His creations.

This 7 day SUFI healing journey involves an open minded approach with YOGA, TAO and SUFI systems and techniques perfected for centuries. It is loosely structured as one phases gently flows in the other without a rigid definition. Yet you can feel the experiential process in your system.

The Turning Point – Listen to the Reed

The turning point is a day with Mother Nature in the middle of the Kishanpur Forest Reserve which abounds in rare species of wild life, water bodies and verdant vegetation. You drive in silence and meditate with the poetry of RUMI in the forest. Listen to the Reed. In both Persian and English. In the voice of Murad Ali. It is a revaluation of life like never before and never again. It will live with you and bring you back to Kotwara each year with a burning desire to return to water the seeds you have planted and those which have been planted in you.

You understand the concept of the Source.
And from that moment on your journey has commenced. Your journey to the heart.
The same night you meditate for an hour under the stars to the abstract sound of the flute wafting in distance, descending from the skies.

As you approach the 7th day early morning you meditate and think about surrendering to what God’s love means to you. Focus on repaying kindness. These 7 days think of the care you have received. Generate a sincere sense of gratitude to every person you has helped to take care of you and directly or indirectly shown you the Way. Forgive anyone who offended or hurt you, do not carry unnecessary baggage back. These 7 days become symbolic of a lifetime.
Focus on the heart chakra…feel a sense of peace and silence….warmth…tenderness….you are immersed in a feeling of love….God is the object of that love, and you approach God as a lover longing for her beloved…
Harness this feeling for this is first station to being privy to the higher realms of divinity. The opening of the mind and its conquest by the heart.

The Sufi Way, is the realm of the Heart.
Mind is the ‘slayer of the real’ as it separates you from the spiritual truth that you only find in the heart. Meditate by quieting your mind and focussing on God, as if you are a lover seeking your beloved.

A Tasteful Meditation
Slow down your eating and meditate on its delicate taste. Increases sensitivity to taste, lack of which is the curse of our modern living….fast music…fast cars…fast food.. Eating slowly makes you shift to healthy food.

Preparing to eat
Lay it beautifully and say your grace.
Experience each step. Each morsel. From touching your tongue, entering your mouth, to chewing to it’s going into your throat. Focus on the taste…the herbs and the condiments, the herbs …. The spices…. Enjoy the blend.
Eating is an experience beyond words and shapes your mind and body…how you go beyond your physiological fulfillment.

Mindful eating is a game changer.

Finally the claim we can make is anyone who has been to Kotwara can blindly follow his heart.
You return to your own world with understanding the true value of love, your soulmate, your spirit house and the simple ambience that encourages you to honour your spirit and tap into your higher self.