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Rumi Foundation has published a regular HU – the Sufi Way to enlighten people of different parts of the country of its unique civilisation of pluralism propagated by mystics in different eras, through their way of live, message of love and their poetic expressions put to music in congregations called SAMA.


KOTWARA is not just a name of an ancient region from the time of Raja Muratdhwaj of the Mahabharata era, or a village becoming a global style icon.

It is a vision. A vision which needs to be understood and empowered so as to set an example for similar experiments to thrive in rural India where major part of our nation dwells. Its about culture, habitat, environment and above all sustainable employment at their doorstep to stem urban migration. Its about imparting humanist education and skills to make the youth both compassionate and self reliant. Its about inviting people meaningful to their lives who will in the process be enriched by this human experience in which they will find themselves participating.

KOTWARA NEWS & VIEWS – a quarterly tabloid launched by Rumi Foundation during the 3rd Wajid Ali Shah Festival 2016, focusses on this vision and expands it into a wider inspirational context for a larger cross section of people, including students, educationists, naturalists, environmentalists, craft designers, revivalists, alternate healers, spiritualists, agriculturalists, alternate energy specialists. It is an idea and a place where people congregate to make a difference to this planet. A place to reflect. A modern day Sufi Khanaqah.